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Miss JulianaFebruary

Congratulations to our Star Teacher of the Month, Miss Juliana from our Niagara Falls Blvd. location! Miss Juliana has been working with us for about a year and a half and has shown us what a strong asset she is to our family! Miss Juliana is a UPK teachers aide but helps out in all rooms of our center! She has worked in every room from infants all the way up to preschool and is such a good teacher to have in any room! She is loved by all of the kids in the whole center and is always greeted with warm hugs and smiles from all the kiddos. Miss Juliana is a team player and helps out however she can! She will step in for anyone who needs and will always help with cleaning, organizing, and prepping. Miss Juliana is trusted at any task she does because we know she will always give it her 100%! Miss Juliana is currently expecting a baby girl and we are so excited for her! She has not let it slow her down at all though! She impresses us everyday with how hard she works despite being so far along! She truly is a super mom/employee! We are so lucky to have Miss Juliana as a part of our Bunny Bunch Family!! Congratulations Miss Juliana, we love you!!!

Miss LizmarieJanuary

Congratulations to our Star Teacher of the Month, Miss Lizmarie from our Townline Road location! Miss Lizmarie is one of our wonderful teacher aides who works with our afternoon UPK/Pre-K 4 class. She also prepares lunch for all of the kiddos each day. Miss Lizmarie is extremely reliable and hardworking. She comes to work each day on time and with a positive attitude. She keeps an organized and clean kitchen and makes sure all of the children are fed on time. She then works in our pre-k 4 room for the afternoon and is truly wonderful with all of the children. Miss Lizmarie is very calm, patient, kind, and caring. She is a great asset to our pre-k 4 classroom and helps the afternoons run smoothly. She is always willing to help out whenever and wherever needed. All the other teachers love working with Lizmarie and all of the children adore her. Thank you for all that you do for the children and the center Miss Lizmarie! Congratulations!! We love you!!!

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Star Teacher

Congratulations to our Star Teacher of the Month,

Miss Juliana!


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