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Miss AngelaMay

Congratulations to our Star Teacher of the Month Miss Angela! Miss Angela is one of the Universal Pre-k teachers at the Niagara Falls Blvd. location! She has been a new addition to our Bunny Bunch family this year and has proven to be an incredible asset! Miss Angela came in this year ready to rock and roll. She is a great teacher and all the students in her class adore her. She works well with everyone and always makes sure her students are learning having fun! Miss Angela is a sought-after teacher to work with! Everyone knows if they are working with her, they will have a good day! Miss Angela also works in our wrap around rooms and has shown us how well she works with all different kinds of children. She knows just about every pre-k student in the building and always gets friendly hellos when she is walking down the hall because everyone is always excited to see her! Miss Angela offers a helping hand wherever she sees it is needed. She will offer to clean, stay late, or help another teacher out who is having a hard day. We are so thankful for Miss Angela and couldn’t be prouder to have her as a teacher at Bunny Bunch! Congratulations Miss Angela, we love you!!!

Miss NivesApril

Congratulations to our Star Teacher of the Month, Miss Nives from our Townline Road location! Miss Nives works in our UPK/Pre-K 4 Room and is an extremely important part of the class. She helps the room run smoothly and helps out tremendously throughout the day. Although Miss Nives started with Bunny Bunch more recently, she quickly became an important asset to our team. She is extremely reliable and hard working and she is wonderful with all of the children. Miss Nives is patient, kind, and fun- loving and you can tell she truly cares about the children. All of the kiddos can always count on her to help them out whenever needed, and they all adore her! Miss Nives does so much to help Miss Kristen during the day. Whether it is tidying up around the classroom, helping out during centers, helping with bulletin boards, or tending to all of the needs of the children, Miss Nives is always there to help! We are so grateful to have someone as hard working, kind, and wonderful as Miss Nives! Thank you for all that you do!! Congratulations, we love you!!!

Miss LaurenMarch

Congratulations to our star teacher of the Month, Miss Lauren! Miss Lauren works as an assistant teacher at our Ward Road location and has shown herself to be a dedicated addition to our team over the past almost year! Lauren is always flexible and willing to lend a helping hand when we need it! While she primarily works in the afternoon with our wrap around kiddos, she is well versed in all of our classrooms. The children all get SO happy and excited when she comes in, especially when she brings them new craft & art supplies! Lauren is always on top of things to make sure the needs of all of the children are met and they are happy and safe. Her calm, patient and kind demeanor is admired by all. Lauren is also one of our center closers and does a fantastic job making sure that the center is cleaned, organized and ready for a new day of fun and learning. She is great with communicating with parents and her coworkers will do any task you ask her and does a wonderful job at it! Lauren is always on time and ready for anything with a positive attitude. We are so thankful to have someone like her as a part of our team and the kiddos are lucky to have her as well! Congratulations Miss Lauren, we love you!!!

Miss JulianaFebruary

Congratulations to our Star Teacher of the Month, Miss Juliana from our Niagara Falls Blvd. location! Miss Juliana has been working with us for about a year and a half and has shown us what a strong asset she is to our family! Miss Juliana is a UPK teachers aide but helps out in all rooms of our center! She has worked in every room from infants all the way up to preschool and is such a good teacher to have in any room! She is loved by all of the kids in the whole center and is always greeted with warm hugs and smiles from all the kiddos. Miss Juliana is a team player and helps out however she can! She will step in for anyone who needs and will always help with cleaning, organizing, and prepping. Miss Juliana is trusted at any task she does because we know she will always give it her 100%! Miss Juliana is currently expecting a baby girl and we are so excited for her! She has not let it slow her down at all though! She impresses us everyday with how hard she works despite being so far along! She truly is a super mom/employee! We are so lucky to have Miss Juliana as a part of our Bunny Bunch Family!! Congratulations Miss Juliana, we love you!!!

Miss LizmarieJanuary

Congratulations to our Star Teacher of the Month, Miss Lizmarie from our Townline Road location! Miss Lizmarie is one of our wonderful teacher aides who works with our afternoon UPK/Pre-K 4 class. She also prepares lunch for all of the kiddos each day. Miss Lizmarie is extremely reliable and hardworking. She comes to work each day on time and with a positive attitude. She keeps an organized and clean kitchen and makes sure all of the children are fed on time. She then works in our pre-k 4 room for the afternoon and is truly wonderful with all of the children. Miss Lizmarie is very calm, patient, kind, and caring. She is a great asset to our pre-k 4 classroom and helps the afternoons run smoothly. She is always willing to help out whenever and wherever needed. All the other teachers love working with Lizmarie and all of the children adore her. Thank you for all that you do for the children and the center Miss Lizmarie! Congratulations!! We love you!!!

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Miss Angela

Congratulations to our Star Teacher of the Month,

Miss Angela!


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