Star Teacher

Star Teacher

Miss BeckyMay 2022

Congratulations to our Star Teacher of the Month, Miss Becky from our Niagara Falls Blvd. location! Miss Becky has been with Bunny Bunch for almost 10 years! She is an extremely reliable worker who is well versed in every room of the center! Miss Becky also is in charge of our breakfasts, lunches, and snacks! She makes sure mealtimes run smoothly every day! Miss Becky is sure to always be on time to work and stays after her scheduled shift most days to lend a helping hand where it’s needed! She will even come in early when we need coverage early in the morning! For all of that, we are extremely grateful! She always tries her hardest to make sure that everyone is settled and ready for the rest of the afternoon before she leaves! Every child at the Bunny Bunch knows Miss Becky! She works and covers breaks in almost all our rooms! It is rare to find someone who can so easily work with children of every age! We don’t know what we would do without Miss Becky but we are so happy to have her! Congratulations Miss Becky!! We love you!!!

Miss GiannaApril 2022

Congratulations to our Star Teacher of the Month, Miss Gianna from our Townline Road location! Miss Gianna is one of our caring, fun-loving, and dedicated teacher assistants! She works mostly with our pre-k 4 kiddos and our toddlers in the afternoon but is always willing to help out wherever needed and is wonderful with all of the children in all of the classrooms. Miss Gianna is always happy when she gets here and the children are always excited to see her and run up to her to give her hugs. She constantly has a positive attitude and is very patient with the children. She makes sure they are all safe and of course having fun! We love seeing how she is always interacting with the children and having fun with them. Miss Gianna is always willing to help out with whatever is needed around the center. She offers to work more when she can and stay late whenever needed. She is very reliable and trustworthy! We are so grateful for all that Miss Gianna does for the children and for the center! Congratulations Miss Gianna!! We love you!!!

Miss MicheleMarch 2022

Congratulations to our Star Teacher of the Month, Miss Michele from our Ward Rd location! Miss Michele has been a part of our Bunny Bunch team for more than 10 years now and has truly proven herself to be an extremely reliable and hardworking asset to our Bunny Bunch team! Miss Michele is our Pre-K 3 lead teacher and does an amazing job at educating and nurturing all of the children in her room. Her first priority is making sure all of the children’s needs are met and that they are happy. When it comes to making crafts with the children, decorating bulletin boards or creating games & activities for special days and parties, Miss Michele always has the most fun and creative ideas and is always willing to share them with her coworkers. Her creativity and fun-loving personality make her classroom a blast to be in! All of the kiddos absolutely adore her and are always excited and eager to see what she has planned for them each day! Miss Michele does a fantastic job at keeping her classroom clean and organized which helps the room run smoothly each day. Whenever help is needed in another area throughout the center, we can always count on Miss Michele to be there. Miss Michele is always willing to stay late or come in early to help whenever needed; she has truly proven herself to be an extremely dependable employee over the years. We appreciate all that Miss Michele does for the center and we are so grateful to have her as a part of our team! Congratulations Miss Michele!! We love you!!!

Miss DeannaFebruary 2022

Congratulations to our Star Teacher of the Month, Miss Deanna! Miss Deanna is a preschool assistant at our Niagara Falls Boulevard location! Miss Deanna is well versed in all of our rooms and is well loved by a lot of our toddlers and Pre-K 3 kiddos! She is a consistent assistant to Miss Donna on our Pre-K 4 side and has proven to be a wonderful asset to Bunny Bunch! Miss Deanna is very reliable and always gets to work on time! She is always willing to help Miss Donna around the classroom and always willing to fill in any other room if we have a teacher out sick! We are so thankful for her ability to adapt and take good care of any children that may be in her class. You know Miss Deanna is a fan favorite when the kids come into school and give her a BIG hug to say hello in the morning! When Miss Deanna is in the hall, you can always hear a child trying to get her attention from their class to say hello! It is so adorable! We love being able to count on one of our team members to take amazing care of the children around her and to work so well with all the rest of the staff at Bunny Bunch! Congratulations Deanna!! We love you!!!

Miss KristenJanuary 2022

Congratulations to our Star Teacher of the Month, Miss Kristen from our Townline Road location! Miss Kristen is one of our amazing teacher aides who works with our younger kiddos but is great in all our classrooms. All the children love and adore Miss Kristen and are always excited to see her. She works great in all of the rooms and is very attentive to all of the children. She is very patient, kind, loving, and caring. We know that the children are in good hands when they are with Miss Kristen. Not only does she take wonderful care of each child and truly cares about each of them, but she is always making sure that they are happy and having fun! Miss Kristen constantly has a smile and is always laughing with all the children. She is always willing to lend a helping hand whenever needed and always has a positive attitude. We truly appreciate all that she does for the center and for the children! Congratulations Miss Kristen!! We love you!!!

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Star Teacher

Congratulations to our Star Teacher of the Month, Miss Becky!


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